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Return of Owners of Land 1873, covering England and Wales (excluding London)

In 1872, the Government of the day instructed the Local Government Board to compile a list of Owners of Land, from one acre in size upwards. The return was compiled from rating returns, and gave the name of each landowner, the place, size of land and gross estimated rental from the land, as an indication of value. The return covered all of England and Wales, excluding the Metropolis (London). Separate volumes covered Scotland and Ireland. At the time, it was known as the 'modern Domesday'. The Preece entries from the England and Wales return follow below (there were no entries in Scotland or Ireland)..

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County Name Place Size of Land Gross Est. Rental
Berkshire Samuel Moffatt Maidenhead 23 acres 498 0s 0d
Gloucestershire Louisa West Dean 2 acres 6 17s 0d
  Samuel West Dean 2 acres 13 5s 0d
  William West Dean 2 acres 14 8s 0d
Herefordshire Elizabeth Leominster 3 acres 12 0s 0d
  Frances St Devereux 8 acres 27 5s 0d
  George Little Dewchurch 8 acres 19 9s 0d
  Hannah Brimfield 17 acres 44 0s 0d
  James Dinedor 3 acres 16 0s 0d
  James Hope under Dinmore 1 acre 6 0s 0d
  John Bosbury 5 acres 10 0s 0d
  John Brimfield 16 acres 24 0s 0d
  John Canon Pyon 55 acres 144 6s 0d
  John Marden 35 acres 113 5s 0d
  Joseph Canon Pyon 3 acres 10 11s 0d
  Joseph Hereford 1 acre 5 0s 0d
  Mansell Grafton 8 acres 16 0s 0d
  Mary St Margarets 13 acres 18 10s 0d
  Richard Aymestrey 6 acres 12 0s 0d
  Samuel Aconbury Hill 1 acre 7 0s 0d
  Thomas Birley 2 acres 2 13s 0d
  Thomas Kings Caple 3 acres 12 0s 0d
  Thomas Marden 61 acres 123 19s 0d
  Thomas Newton 17 acres 14 0s 0d
  William Aymestrey 1 acre 7 10s 0d
  William Burghill 15 acres 30 0s 0d
  William Ewyas Harold 2 acres 13 10s 0d
  William St Devereux 7 acres 12 15s 0d
Monmouthshire Simon Llanvihangel 82 acres 71 7s 0d
Shropshire Ann Sheinton 4 acres 21 0s 0d
  John Bromfield 11 acres 37 0s 0d
  John Cressage 1 acre 19 5s 0d
  John Ross, Herefordshire 2 acres 3 10s 0d
Glamorgan Morgan Bridgend 4 acres 5 9s 0d
  Thomas Bridgend 1 acre 4 2s 0d
  Thomas Colwinstone 110 acres 134 15s 0d
  Thomas Wick 163 acres 253 5s 0d
  David (Prees) Coyty 48 acres 113 8s 0d